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Working with a recruiter

Let’s start out with the basics. First you need to find a reputable recruiting organization. Large, small or in between is up to you. The large organizations have an edge because their database of companies and contacts within your specific industry cannot be rivaled. You should look for an established company that has a good reputation within the industry that interests you. You may be asking yourself, “How do I find out about their reputation?” Ask friends and colleagues, check with the Better Business Bureau and Professional organizations to which you belong. Ask the recruiting agency people directly. They should not have anything to hide. Check out their Internet sites. While a well put together website does not necessarily mean that they are reputable, it can lead you in the right direction. Do an Internet search using the company’s name as the keywords. You will be amazed at what you can find out.

The next step is to find a top-notch recruiter that will aid you in your search for a new position. This is someone who will be completely open and honest with you. In this regard, you need to reciprocate with total honesty. Be prepared to ask questions of your recruiter that will make you comfortable in dealing with them on a regular basis. Industry knowledge is key to being a great recruiter. Find out about their background. Ask them how long have they been involved in their particular industry. Treat this process as if you are interviewing them for a position. If you think about it, they really are working for you. The best recruiters have their collective fingers on the pulse of the industry continually and know when change is going to happen. They should have the ability to respond to questions about a current opening with little or no hesitation. If it is something that they cannot answer, then they need to say that and offer to get the answer to you within a set time frame. I will tell you that this is not the easiest thing for us to do as recruiters sometimes but if your recruiter has put you off more than a couple of times, it is time to work with someone new. You should talk to the recruiter’s manager as well. Letting the management know will help them resolve the problems with this person. Above all, as a candidate, you will never have to pay for being placed by a recruiter. Companies pay for our service to find the best people to fill their open positions. If a “recruiter” ever asks for money, it is time to speak with their supervisor and to find a new recruiting agency.

When A Recruiter Contacts You

Now let’s consider a little different scenario. Let’s say that the recruiter has found you on some resume board and wants to see if you are a fit for the position that they have open. What do you do then? Basically, you do the same thing. Ask questions about the position. Ask the recruiter industry specific questions. Be open and honest with them and they should respect you enough to do the same. They should share with you all of the information that they can without breaking the confidentiality of the prospective employer. If you are interested and they find you to be a good fit, then they should share all of the information with you so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to have your resume submitted for consideration.

The Process

Now that you have found an agency and a recruiter that you are comfortable with, you are ready to market yourself through the recruiter. You need to make yourself accessible for interviews, both on the telephone and face to face. If your recruiter has a question for you, you need to respond as soon as you can so that the process can move forward. A good recruiter will take all necessary steps to prepare their candidate for what is to come. After contact with the prospective employer, you should call to update the recruiter on a regular basis. It is up to the recruiter to determine the contact structure. To expedite the hiring process, you should provide a list of at least five professional references that can be contacted right away. You do not need to provide your current employer at the beginning, but after accepting a position, you will need to give your current employer as a reference. The night before any type of interview, your recruiter will have a discussion with you to go over all of the pertinent details of the next day’s interview. They should include times and names of the people with whom you will meet. They should include some type of background information on those people and what each one will be interested in learning about you. In turn, as soon as possible after the interview, you should contact your recruiter with feedback. Be it good or be it bad, just be honest and upfront. A good recruiter will be honest too.

All in all, if we work together with the respect expected of professionals, we will be able to get the job done. Do be honest and do not play games. Tell your recruiter about anything that can effect your placement. Issues may include stock options, bonuses, an upcoming promotion, a raise, starting a family, a sick family member or any such circumstances. When you find a good recruiter to work with, it is a very enjoyable experience. One you should share with friends and colleagues the next time they are looking for a career change.
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A recruiter is someone engaging in recruitment, or the solicitation of individuals to fill jobs or positions within a corporation, nonprofit organization, sports team, the military, etc. Recruiters may work within an organization's human resources department (typically) or on an outsourced basis. Outsourced recruiters typically work for multiple clients at once, on a third-party broker basis, and are variously called headhunters, search firms/agents, agency recruiters, or recruitment consultants.
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I worked as a recruiter at two different companies. First company it was very easy and sometimes boring because we weren't busy. Second job was more difficult and demanding. I was doing recruiting for IT Buy Levitra Online positions. What made it difficult was meeting weekly performance goals and learning about the terminology. Some goals would be like having a certain number Cheap cialis online of client visits a week, calls a week/day, interviews per week, placements per month.

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