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What is Techjobs, is an active community of Indian Recruiters & Job Seekers. Jobseekers find access to latest jobs at your location and abroad. Techjobs tools will help you make important career decisions. Recruiters find the best talent to match your needs. Reach thousands of JobSeekers. Techjobs will build a community and strong network of IT professionals and recruiter, which will help everyone grow together.

Why Should I register?
To gain full access to all of our features, you must register for a free account. Once registered, you will be able to: • Recruiters will be able to post in Techjobs in India section, along with other boards. • Private message and conduct business with other recruiters & JobSeekers. • JobSeekers browse our complete database of posts

Is this FREE ?
TJ is totally free for JobSeekers. For Recruiters also we are offering FREE service as a INTRODUCTORY OFFER

I am a Recruiter what can I do on Techjobs.?
• Create an account on Your account will be immidiately activated. • You can select the forum you want to post in and read the rules before posting. • In order to provide value to “Job Seekers” it is important that recruiters follow the Rules outlined on the website. Your posts may be deleted if you do not adhere to rules. • Do not post duplicate post on the website. You can edit your post if you have missed something or reply to it. Reply to the post will bring it to the top again.

As a JobSeeker what Can TJ offer to me?
Job Seekers will have tremendous value from TJ.
* You can network with Recruiters and your candidates in your area of expertise.
* Rate employers, Discuss Salary, Resume, Cover letters, Interview and how to crack it, all of this and much more in TJ Tools section.
* Check out latest jobs at the location of your choice

What is vbPlaza menu?
vbPlaza is a place where you can redeem your points collected on Techjobs. For every post and other activities Techjobs gives you some points. You can buy certain features for yourself to stand out from the crowd. For eg: 1. You can bold highlight username. 2. You can make your thread Sticky The bank option is just a dummy. There is no interest, so it does not matter if you keep points with you or deposit in the bank.

How can I advertise on Techjobs
You can advertise for as low as $1. Send an email to and we will send you our rates and plans.

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