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10 Tips to Get The Right Job with the Right Salary

Its not enough to land on the right job, you should know how to handle risky salary negotiations to receive the pay that is tantamount to your skills and job experience. Below are the ten simple rules to be in the winning end of this job hunting madness.

1.Do your research on the salary offered for the position that you are seeking. Know what you are worth in the marketplace by reading printed materials, researching online or through word of mouth from career experts or people from your industry.

2. Wait for the employer to make the actual job offer because as a job seeker, you are not in the position to initiate the salary negotiations. If your asked about your expected salary, its advisable to give a range that a specific amount.

3.Bring your previous performance evaluations or letters of recommendation to support your salary request. It is much better if the recommendation letter came from the superior to make it more accurate and precise.

4. Delay the salary negotiation as long as possible until you know your full job description and duties.

5. Highlight, but donít brag, your strengths and achievements in your career that you think will make them know your a possible gem of the company.

6. Never lie about your current earnings or salary history to increase your perceived value, because you might get disappointed if they offer you a much lower salary.

7. Do negotiate your salary if you feel the first offer makes you short handed.. If you are not successful in getting the salary that you want, try to obtain other benefits, vacation leaves or bonuses.

8. Thank the employer when the offer was made but take your time before coming up with any job offer decision.

9. Be persuasive but not overly aggressive in negotiating your target salary.

10. Look at the entire compensation package being offered, not just the salary. Ask about all the benefits that the company will give, because it will probably be very useful for your future.

Remember that if itís the job that you really want and it will be a good starting point or ascension for your career, donít be greedy. In a way, high paid jobs is not that important if you will not going to enjoy with what youíre doing.
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